Letter from the Co-Founders

Letter from the Co-Founders

Ballard FC Community,


On behalf of myself, Lamar and Chris, Thank You. We are truly honored, inspired, and grateful to have your support and see this amazing community come together. When we set out on this journey, our vision was centered on creating community through soccer. We envisioned an inclusive and accessible place that allowed people to celebrate Ballard with soccer as the medium. It was difficult to anticipate what the response would be but what you all showed is that the Ballard and soccer communities are full of incredibly warm and positive people that immediately shared the same vision as us. 


The past few days, it has been so inspiring to read your emails, see your support on social media, and meet you around Ballard. We feel a great sense of responsibility to make Ballard FC everything it has the potential to be. 


So, what’s next? We hope to see you at our Launch Party at Reuben’s Brews this Thursday, 12/9 at 6PM. More merch is on the way and for those of you who missed out on season ticket deposits please stay tuned as single match tickets will be available in the spring. We have some exciting plans for our game-day experience and community impact that we will share with you over the coming months. Hope to see you Thursday and go Ballard FC!



Sam Zisette, co-founder of Ballard FC

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